Hi.  I’m Conor.  I’m 25 years old and I’m a Pisces.  This is my “About Me” page, where you come to figure out why you’re reading my blog because you have no idea who I am.

Who I Am

I am a Music, Portrait & Lifestyle Photographer living in Los Angeles, CA.  I’m really looking to break into doing editorial work.  For anything regarding that jazz, click here.  There you can keep tabs of everything that’s actually important.  I moonlight as a bartender, so if I ever serve you and you recognize me say “Hi.”  I used to be a barista, which wasn’t my favorite job.  I was born in New York, grew up on Long Island (in the same town and at the same time as Lindsay Lohan) and graduated from Marymount Manhattan College with a BA in Theatre Production & Management.  After spending some time figuring my life out in Philadelphia, I made the move across the country to California.  Will I stay here?  Probably not.  Why not?  Read my blog.

In short, I’m not a writer by any means.  Don’t expect excellent sentence structure or a broad vocabulary.  The way I write is very much akin to the way I speak, and I speak very quickly.  I also talk a lot.  I started this blog mainly so my friends and family back East could keep tabs on my multiple adventures here on the West Coast.  Also because I have a lot of opinions, and I’m sort of a bitch.

I’m just as shocked as you are that you’re reading this.



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